Step into the dynamic realm of the UET Science Society, a captivating community driven by people with passion for knowledge and scientific exploration. It is the pioneering technical and non-technical society. Our community is an amalgamation of diverse perspectives where individuals from various disciplines unite in their love for science.

Empowering You to Soar, UET Science Society Believes in You!!!


Founded by a bunch of talented engineers back in 2014, UET Science Society was created to assist the students of UET in their quest for knowledge. The sole motto of UET SS since the day it was founded has only been being the helping hand of those stars which fail to shine due to lack of guidance


UET Science Society aims to integrate the knowledge of science and technology among the students , providing them an environment so productive which will enable them to express their inner talents. It has been UET Science Society’s ultimate goal from the day of foundation to bridge the gap between theoretical and practical approaches, introducing recent technologies and promoting research. Through engaging activities, captivating discussions, hands-on experiments, inspiring talks by renowned experts, captivating workshops, fun filled exercises and many interesting events – we create opportunities for a well-rounded approach to scientific exploration.