UET Science Society

We Bring the change. UET Science Society is a non-technical society of UET which aims to provide a diversified learning environment to the students of UET. Committed to instilling the passion to utilize one's hidden talents to the fullest, UET Science Society also provides for its members the right tools in refining their unique skills and talents.

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Meet our Directors Team

M. Usman Tahir

Director Research and Innovation

  Study the latest research methodologies and technologies and spread awareness to students at society as well as university level. Guide students about corporate dynamics.

Shah Zayn

Director Design

  Increase awareness within the university regarding the current proceedings and future ventures of the society. Come up with the right media strategy and ideas to reach the maximum possible audience. 

Hussain Aamir

Director Sponsorship

Look for good sponsors and convince them to invest in the society proceedings. Find people who will support the various events of the society monetarily.

Ali Haadi

Director Public Relations

Provide an effective communication channel between the society and the public.Uphold and maintain an overall positive reputation of the society in University.

M. Zain
Ul Abideen

Director Design

Come up with creative ways to present and design the society’s posters, flyers, brochures etc.Encourage research and “Thinking out of the box approach.”

Maryam Mehar

Director Decor

Come up with the artwork and other promotional tools for the society. Induce Creative thinking in the masses. Assist with decor for events.

Haadia Aamir

Director Documentation

  Assure that all sorts of reports, proposals, and permission letters regarding the society’s affairs are completed on time. Assist with the society’s publicity material. 

Ateeb Rizwan

Director Admin Events

Plan, implement and organize the events of the society. Come up with an effective budget plan for the events of the society. Select and reserving the event sites.

Mohsin Raza

Director Logistics

   Coming up with cost effective event venues and placing of info desks. Provide all the material (panaflex, tickets, charts etc.) as needed by any department of the society. 

Ateeb Rizwan

Director Human Resources

Oversee the recruitment and selection procedure of the society. Decide which prospective members to induct and their respective selection into different departments of the society.