Farewell for 17 session

The new core body held a Farwell party for the 17 session members of UET Science Society.

Natural forces science day

Science Day on the invisible forces. This session, taught students more about these natural forces including their origin and types.

AI and Physics Science day

A seminar on Artificial Intelligence and its relationship with Physics was conducted. In this interesting seminar, the audience not only got to learn more about AI but also about Physics — its many different domains and types, and most importantly, how these two fields of science are related.

International Science day

To celebrate the importance of such a day, for the first time in its history, the UET science society conducted an international science day. On this day, a quiz related to science was conducted and a seminar was held with guest speaker Mr. Hassan Raza – an alumnus of UET Lahore and who has been coaching test examinations in renowned institutions since past 5 years

Relativity Science day

A seminar on relativity and its core concepts in the field of physics including speed of light.

Orientation ’21

Orientation was conducted in UET Lahore to not only welcome the new members but for them to learn about the society and its core values.

Welcome party

The welcome party was hosted for the new inductees to warmly welcome them into society. It was held at Soul Kitchen and café.

Birthday celebrations

The birthdays of every member are celebrated at the end of each month.

UET Science Society brings science lovers to a unified stand where they contribute their efforts to promote scientific culture in UET by hosting various events and seminars. The society stimulates the thirst for knowledge among students and promotes research and innovation. From small talks among friends to group interactions, Science Society makes every moment memorable for its members. A number of members belonging to the society are pursuing their interests in research and technology. Science is not only limited to research and technology. In fact, science is a part of almost every field whether it belongs to business, art, literature or technical fields. This is why the UET Science Society hosts both technical and non-technical events within the university premises.


SS has always tried to present the students of UET with opportunities to polish their technical and scientific skills and acumen. Knowledge of different software is needed in almost every industry, in every business, and for every function. In this regard, a workshop was arranged to train the students on project management software called “Oracle Primavera”. The guest speaker and trainer named Mr. Waqas Ahmed gave detailed information over the working of the software. The students found the workshop to be very informative and appreciated the efforts of the UET Science Society.


Engineering to entrepreneurship

In the rapidly developing engineering world, the demand for engineers with an innovative approach and entrepreneurial mindset has never been greater. To help our budding entrepreneurs achieve success, the UET Science Society arranged a seminar “Engineering to Entrepreneurship” to help students in growing their entrepreneurial spirit. Our guest speaker was Mr. Awais Dilawar, a former UETian and a successful entrepreneur who is also a winner of the Forbes Award.


Emotional intelligence seminar

UET SS, as always, kept up its legacy to throw light onto untouched and unique topics to pinch the urge in young minds. The seminar on emotional intelligence, to define the anatomy of emotions, the structure of the brain, emotional self-awareness and self-management was carried out on February 18. The speakers aimed at telling the audience the importance of emotional intelligence and the techniques to improve emotional quotient.

Workshop on financial freedom

Keeping the legacy of SS alive, a workshop on financial freedom was organized for those who wish to replace their pocket money with income. To empower our relationship with money and earn a respectable status in the society is a sought after topic. So, an interactive session about ways of earning and living the life we want to live was arranged in which the worthy speaker Mr. Haseeb Idrees guided the Uetians to build the future of their dreams and have time work for them.

Science Day

An hourly discussion is arranged every week under the name “Science day.” Science day is an initiative of the UET Science Society in the journey of withholding its slogan “We make the change.” Its a day solely dedicated to science. Its activities include a presentation based on different fascinating topics by our RnI team and an interactive questioning session to wrap up the discussion in the end. The students actively participate and enjoy this program.


Psi-Meet is an event geared towards engaging the students of UET in activities where their scientific acumen is tested to the limits and their love for science uncovered. This event serves as an unparalleled platform in building certain skills in students like ingenuity and creativity which are critical in their professional as well as non-professional lives. The following modules of PSI MEET present a perfect amalgamation of science, arts, and enjoyment




Closing Ceremony





STEM is an HEC sponsored science exhibition exclusively for the students of UET from different campuses. It provides the UETians an opportunity to explore the world of science and showcase their engineering talent to the world. Tapping the realms of the participants’ intelligence, this competition promotes healthy competition and strive to become better amongst the participants.

STEM 2018

STEM 2017


The closing ceremony of All PAK SCIENCE EXHIBITION SNYES, is a star-studded night with the UET Science society hosting renowned motivational speakers, singers, and entrepreneurs. Serving as a breeze of fresh air, the students rejoice this prime quality entertaining evening.





All PAK SCIENCE EXHIBITION is an annual science exhibition in which students from universities all across Pakistan participate and compete. The projects are from different fields including biomedical, astronomy, botany, engineering and much more. The project with the most innovation and ingenuity is crowned the winner of the exhibition and awarded a cash prize along with many gifts.

All Pakistan Science Fest 2.0

All Pakistan Science Fest 1.0

IELTS Mock Test

When it comes to helping the students groom personally and professionally, UET Science society leaves others far behind. Continuing the legacy of extending out the very best it could to the students of UET, UET Science Society hosted the IELTS Mock Test which helped the students judge the level of their competency and their potential to go abroad for higher studies.


All lahore Independence day quiz competition

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is a progress and working together is a success. UET Science society takes pride in maintaining cordial relations with other societies of UET. It collaborated with UET literary society to commemorate 14th August, the Independence Day of Pakistan, by organizing “All Lahore Independence Day Quiz Competition 2016”. This was a series of events planned by the Higher Education Department, Government of Punjab in various institutions all over Punjab which tested the general knowledge of the participants.

Erasmus+Scholarship Seminar

UET Science hosted a delegation from the European Union Commission for Education which aimed to guide the students regarding the wonderful scholarship opportunities, Erasmus and its application procedures

The delegation comprised of:

1. Anne Kofoed, Head of Sector Education and Governance

2. Maria Groeneveld, Education Advisor

3. Ayesha Babar Press and Information Officer

4. Khurram Bhatti, Chairman of Marie Curie Alumni Association 5. Waqar Baig, Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association

Scholarship Seminar

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. UET Science Society leaves no stone unturned in preparing its member for the best. Hosting scholarship seminars, it calls upon renowned personalities to inculcate amongst the students the spirit to pursue higher studies abroad. We take pride in being one of those few societies at UET who has the honor of having maximum alumni now studying abroad.

Cultural Fusion

Apart from being the face of innovation and technology, UET science society has been promoting culture and traditions amongst the youth of UET too. Hosting a night of full of hues and music, the students enjoy the perks of our very own Pakistani culture which revives the traditional spirit amongst them.