What if we run out of electricity one day? What if we are no longer able to access any of smart gadgets? These questions are appalling enough to make every sane mind wander about how we are going to sustain power for our future. Considering present situations in Pakistan, more than 94.9% population has availability of electricity but no one can guarantee that they will continue to get it in future as well. Best approach towards a sustainable future is to consider transitioning to alternative sources of power. In a world where the demand for energy is ever-expanding and environmental concerns loom larger than ever, the significance of embracing renewable energy sources cannot be overstated. Renewable energy sources are derived from naturally occurring and viable resources that are inexhaustible on human timescales. These sources are considered sustainable because they are naturally replenished and do not deplete over time as fossil fuels do. Renewable energy can play a very crucial role in addressing energy needs of modern time while reducing environmental impacts and the dependence on finite fossil fuel reserves. Awareness about renewable energy sources is both timely and important. Serious consideration of these inexhaustible energy sources will be very fruitful in near future. Renewable energies which can help mitigate impacts of climate change and reduce our dependance on non-renewable resources are solar energy, wind energy, hydro-electric energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy and tidal energy. These are clean, abundant, and sustainable source of energy.
Future of renewable energy sources is very promising since it's a global concern now, alternative means are now coming under serious consideration. Use of regenerative and eco-friendly means to generate energy can be very cost competitive. They can offer advancement in effective and smart storage of energy. Their common use on domestic and commercial level can cause impactful decentralization of energy generation and reduces the reliance on transitional means of energy. These environment friendly sources, all together, can provide a great assistance in creating hybrid energy systems that are reliable, consistent and user friendly. they can have a subtle contribution towards increased trend of electric vehicles (EVs) which require clean electricity to operate. Considering its consequences for a longer period of time, it can expand gateways for foreign investments and advanced innovations in Pakistan. It can profoundly influence government policy and international agreements which can undoubtedly lead towards better employment opportunities and economic growth. One of the biggest push factor to consider renewable resources is to accomplish carbon neutrality. Depleting environment, climate change and pollution underscore the demand to embrace these low impact energy sources. While future of green energy holds substantial significance, challenges remain, including energy storage limitations, deprivation of experts, limited awareness among people and void of trend. However, with ongoing technological breakthroughs and global commitment to a cleaner and greener environment, it is anticipated that in future sustain energy will be used effectively.

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